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We are excited to finally launch our product.  It took a long time from the first idea to have the actual product on hand.

Here is our story.  The short version.

I was looking for a fabric that absorbs moisture better, than cotton.  I started to order samples  from fabric stores, visit local craft stores etc.

As I was searching I bumped into a store that carried fabrics made from bamboo. They claimed that bamboo is superior in moisture absorbency to many other types of fabric.  After reading more about bamboo used in textiles, I decided I want to try it.

It was Christmas time and I ordered 20 yards of bamboo/cotton velour fabric from an online store.  I dug out my old Singer sewing machine and by Christmas I had a King size set ready to test.

I loved it right away, although it was heavier and warmer than my cotton flannel set. But it was so much softer.  Once I changed my pajamas for a lighter one, or skipped it, I was in heaven.

I had enough leftover material to make a set for my teenager son. I expected a "whatever" attitude from him.  But he genuinely loved it. 

That was the moment when I knew we were in business.

It took me over a year to find the perfect bamboo/cotton blend, and a factory to make it.  We had to overcome many obstacles.

I was blessed finding good people to help me throughout the manufacturing process.  I will give more credit to them in this blog later.

This product was created by love, not greed.  

I hope it brings as much joy to your family as it does for ours.