The Idea October 27 2014, 0 Comments

When I talked about my idea and showed the prototype of my product to my friends, they kept asking how I came up with it.  Having a higher than average metabolism I have always sweated during sleep.  That was bearable, and I coped with it. However, when the menopausal night sweating was added to this you can imagine my life struggling through nights after nights.
I have tried everything:  Lighter pajamas, heavier pajamas, no pajamas, towels under me, under the sheets, over me.  Different sheets. Every sheets I used failed.  All cotton fabric, -high thread count, flannel or jersey - ended up being stuck to my back next morning.  I had to come up with a solution.
I started to search fabric types that absorb moisture the best, and that is how I found the bamboo fabric. The knitted bamboo/cotton blend velour was supposedly the best, and used often as cloth diapers for the sensitive baby butts. One local (American) online retailer was selling this kind of fabric, so I ordered few samples. I picked the softest one, and started to search for beddings from this kind of fabric.  Since I could not find anybody to sell sheets from knitted bamboo velour fabric, I decided to sew it myself.  It was exactly two years ago. In my storage I had an old Singer Sewing machine from the 1950-is, and with it’s help I sewn my first sheet set. It was a little off, here and there, but fit the bed and the pillows.  
I was excited to try it out.  I never forget the first night when I slipped between the soft knitted bamboo velour sheets and I melted into them. I had the nicest sleep for a long time. The tiny piles in the velour channeled away the moisture from my skin leaving only the dry sensation. It was like being a child again hugging my soft plush teddy bear, but this time the bear was hugging and covering me with its soothing softness. I was in heaven.
I had some leftover material, so I made a set for my then 14 year old son.  He loved it right away.  Next night just before I fell asleep in the softness of my bamboo velour sheets the eureka moment came.  I should share this experience, by creating the Knitted Organic Bamboo Velour Sheet sets and sell them on the market.  It took two years of hard work to have the product in my hand, but I enjoyed every second of it. I hope you will too.